Our Vestry


Church of the Redeemer is part of the world-wide Anglican Communion. The Communion is the largest Protestant communion of churches in the world, with almost 80 million members in 165 countries.

Our bishop, Jim Hobby, has final authority over our parish. At the local level, Redeemer is governed by our Vestry This is a body of ten men and women. Nine are laypeople selected from among our members, while the tenth is our pastor.

The following make-up our current vestry.

Harriet Dorland is our Senior Warden

Rachel Page is our Junior Warden

Don Klein is our Secretary

Bill Arthur, Jason Brasel, Cason Cooley, Carter Lawrence, Thomas McKenzie, Molly Nicholas, Valerie Reich are the remaining members.

Andy High is our treasurer, and advises the vestry.

Official Documents

Below you’ll find links to minutes of recent Vestry meetings, as well as other official documents.

Annual Report for the 2018-2019 fiscal Year.

Redeemer’s Child Abuse Prevention Policy