Pastoral Ministries

Members of our congregation, and those who are becoming part of it, have access to the traditional pastoral ministries of the Anglican church. If you are in need any of these services, please let the church office know, or contact one of our ministers directly.


Jesus sent us into the world to preach the Gospel, baptizing in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Baptism is our entrance into the Body of Christ, an outward sign of God's inner work of salvation. If you would like to be baptized, or present your child (of any age) for baptism, let us know. We typically baptize on Sunday mornings, but can offer the Sacrament at other times as well. Baptism is open to anyone, not just church members.


Communion is offered to all baptized Christians on Sunday mornings, and sometimes at other times during the week (depending on the season). Unfortunately,  disease or disability sometimes prevents a member of our congregation from joining us for Sunday worship. If you are a member and would like to receive Communion in your home or treatment facility (hospital, rehab center, etc.), please let us know. 

Pastoral Care

Life is not easy. Sometimes we find ourselves in personal crisis. Sometimes we need help discerning what God is doing, what he's saying, and how we can best respond. If you are part of our congregation, either as a member or someone who is considering membership, you are welcome to visit with one of our pastors or elders. This is normally done at the church office, during office hours. Let the church office know, or contact one of our pastors or elders directly. 

Pastoral Visitation

Traditionally, pastors were received in the homes of their flock. This has become less common in our busy world. However, our pastors and elders are willing and able to visit our members. This is usually done by request of the member. Let the church office know, or contact one of our pastors or elders directly. 


In confirmation, Christians reaffirm the vows made at their baptism. A bishop lays hands on them, releasing them into their ministries. They are also made official members of the Anglican Communion. Confirmation only takes place once a year, and must be prepared for. If you would like to be confirmed, contact the church office.


The marriage rite is offered to members of our church, as well as to their children and grandchildren. Those wishing to be married in the Anglican Church must meet specific qualifications, and must be prepared for their marriage by a minister of our church. If you are interested in being married, contact the church or one of our pastors. We are not able to offer the marriage rite, or the use of our facility for weddings, to the general public. 


In the Rite of Reconciliation, a person speaks to a priest in private. The person confesses specific sins, usually ones that have been weighing heavily on the heart. Once the person has confessed, the priest may offer counsel or make recommendations. After offering advice and counsel, the priest speaks forgiveness in the Name of Jesus.  If you are part of our congregation, either as a member or someone who is considering membership, and feel this rite would benefit you, you are welcome to contact one of our priests directly. Reconciliation is normally done by appointment, sometimes in the context of pastoral care or a pastoral visit.


In the Rite of Unction, a priest offers prayer for healing, along with anointing with holy oil. Unction is available by appointment, but it can also happen spontaneously. If you would like unction, you can ask for it on Sunday morning, or any other time a priest is available.