Who we are, and what we’re all about.

We are Anglican Christians.


Church of the Redeemer is a Gospel-proclaiming, Christ-centered community. We are an Anglican parish, a member of the Diocese of Pittsburgh and the Anglican Church in North America. Our faith is defined by the Bible, revealed in the historic Church, lived by God’s people, and stated in the Nicene Creed.

Our Beliefs


The Nicene Creed

We confess this Creed, the most historic and universal statement of the Christian faith, affirmed by the Church since the 4th century.

The Catechism

We teach these essentials of our faith to all of our members, and especially our children. This Catechism was published in 1662.

The Articles of Religion

This foundational statement of beliefs is required of all ordained ministers in our denomination. The 39 Articles come from the English Reformation.


Our Core Values

The Gospel is our sole Priority.

The Bible is our best way of knowing the Gospel.

Orthodoxy is our best way of understanding the Bible.

The Anglican Way is how we walk out our orthodoxy.

Discipleship is our word for knowing the Gospel.

Mission is our word for sharing the Gospel.

Community is our word for living the Gospel.


We are under the authority of our bishop, governed by our vestry, led by our vicar, and served by staff and many important volunteers.

Our Leadership


Our Province

We are part of the Anglican Church in North America

Our Diocese

We are a member of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh

Our Staff

We are served by an excellent and faithful staff

Our Vestry

We are governed by a committed team of lay members