Stephen Ministry

Who can be a Stephen Minister (SM)?

  • People like YOU! You may be wondering:  Is this right for me?  
  • The following information may help you in your decision making.
  • A Stephen Minister shows compassion and gives encouragement, and intercedes for their care receivers.
  • A Stephen Minister has a one-on-one Christian caring relationship with a care receiver during the time of a life-crisis such as a divorce, job loss, serious illness, or another type of major life transition.
  • SM multiply pastoral ministry by providing high-quality Christian care to those in a life-crisis: divorce, job loss, serious illness, or another major life transition.

What does a Stephen Minister do?

  • A Stephen Minister is called to provide confidential Christ-centered care for a care receiver.
  • A Stephen Minister devotes time (serving a minimum of 2 years) and energy to this ministry. 
  • He or she serves wholeheartedly with their personal presence, prayer, and faith in the Holy Spirit in regular meetings with the Care Receiver.  
  • A Stephen Minister participates in meaningful ministry that makes a real difference in another person's life.
  • Many Stephen Ministers say that they receive much more from the caring relationship with their care receiver than they give.

How are Stephen Ministers trained for this Ministry?

  • A Stephen Minister completes 50 hours of training (weekly for 2-3 hours in length) before ever meeting with a care receiver.  He or she learns about listening, assertiveness, confidentiality, and other aspects of care giving.  
  • After completing the initial training, there are Stephen Ministry meetings 2 evenings a month SM's also benefit from the Continuing Education on topics related to care-giving skills.
  • SM and their care receiver are always the same gender.


When will the next training opportunity start for new Stephen Ministers?

  • At Church of the Redeemer we host information meetings in August and early September of each year. Then interviews of candidates for Stephen Minister are held later in September. 
  • Training is expected to begin in October of each year and conclude when 50 hours of training (conducted weekly for about 3 hours) have been completed in approximately in March of the following year. There is a break in training for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.
  • This training is done before a Stephen Minister ever meets with a care receiver.

Is Church of the Redeemer providing Stephen Ministers to those in need?

  • Yes! If you need assistance please contact the Pastoral Staff at Redeemer or Bill Cleary (see below).

I’m interested and I want to learn more, how should I proceed?

  • Comprehensive information is available from Brochures in the Church of the Redeemer Narthex and the link below:
  • You are also welcome to contact Bill Cleary anytime for specific information about becoming a Stephen Minister, or if you are in a life-crisis to request that a Stephen Minister be assigned to you.
  • If you need spiritual guidance about becoming a Stephen Minister, please contact Bill Cleary. 

Bill Cleary
Stephen Ministry Leader and Coordinator