Patrick Black, Music Worship Pastor


I was a Worship Pastor and musician in Indiana until my wife Cathy and I were invited on a mission trip in 1992 with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.  As a result, we got more and more involved in student ministry - ultimately moving overseas and serving all kinds of students in Russia for 12 years.  We also unexpectedly became Anglicans in the process. 
When we relocated to Nashville and discovered Redeemer a few years ago, we found a new spiritual home.  Redeemer's unique community and liturgical-multi-generational-blended worship touched (and continues to touch) us deeply.
After being involved with the music worship ministry as a volunteer and then as a worship leader, it’s now my privilege to serve our parish and musicians as Music Worship Pastor.  
I’m grateful to be married to the remarkable Cathy Black.  We're blessed with four very interesting adult children.  Philip (the actor) travels around the country while Andrew (the teacher) lives in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  R.J. (the ceramics sculptor) and James (the musician) both live here in Nashville.  
I’m fascinated by my family, music and musicians, instruments, gadgets, languages, watching documentaries, and most anything cross-cultural.