Jesus himself commands us to go into the whole world, proclaiming the Good News. In reaching out, we try to keep three things in mind.
First, our best outreach is done through personal relationships. This is a key value of our congregation. We seek to equip each of our members to proclaim Christ and live out his redeeming love. We want to see the fruits of evangelism, hospitality, and works of compassion in each member of our community. 
Second, we are imperfect. For this reason, we partner with others in order to learn from them, and work with them. 
Third, we are willing to take risks.  If you walk along with us, you will see Redeemer reach out in a number of different ways.  If you'd like to know how we make decisions about which outreach ministries to support, you can read our strategy for mission by clicking here. 

Check out some of our outreach ministries below.