Fill the Goodwill Trailer at Redeemer


Our church is richly blessed through our relationship with Family Affair Ministries (FAM). What a great time we had on Sunday! Pastor Glenda's message, along with the great offertory and the special singers on our worship team ... it was a blessing to worship together. Special thanks to everyone who helped with the lunch after church.

FAM does a great deal of good for people in their neighborhood. One way they do this is by giving out Goodwill gift cards. These cards help supply clothing and other necessities. Goodwill and FAM have a special partnership. Goodwill gives FAM giftcards based on donated goods that FAM sends to Goodwill.

Here's what that means for us: There will be a trailer in Redeemer's parking lot from Sunday, June 18 through Friday, June 23. Our challenge is to fill that trailer up. Bring clothing, housewares, books, toys, electronics, and sporting goods. Put them in the trailer. Then Goodwill will award FAM gift cards based on the weight of what we collect!

So don't throw that working toaster away! Don't take those clothes to Goodwill! Don't take that box of books to McKay's! Save them up for just ten more days, and then bring it to the church. Your donation will bless the folks who end up buying the item at Goodwill AND our friends at FAM. It's a win-win!