Why We Now Accept On-Line Giving

You can now give to Redeemer on-line

From Fr. Thomas

Giving financially to your church is not "normal." I say that because it's more than just supporting a favorite non-profit. It's an act of worship, as well as an investment in your own spiritual community.

Anglicans take giving so seriously that we do it as part of our worship. Each Sunday, we have a special time called the "offertory." At the end of it, we place our gifts on the altar. There we make our sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving, while also remembering the sacrifice that Christ made once and for all. The collection plates are up on the table, along with the bread and the wine. Why? Because the money that you give represents your work, and it is one of the main ways that you sacrificially give back to God.

Because of the liturgical importance of this sacrifice, we've been very slow to receive giving in other ways. For many years our church has not made it easy to give, unless you do it through check/cash in worship (though we have other ways, including direct giving from checking accounts and transfer of stock). 

This has created a problem, though. More and more people don't use checks at all. The younger you are, the more likely that you don't use checks, or carry cash. You may well do all of your banking on-line. For some people, even using a credit or debit card is becoming outdated with the rise of all the phone apps through which we can give and receive money. 

The end result of this societal transformation has been that there are members of Redeemer who are effectively prevented from giving to our church. It's almost like we're saying that their giving isn't important. In reality, everyone's giving is important. Of course giving is important to the church herself. After all, we utilize those gifts in the funding of all of our ministries. But giving is even more important to the giver (2 Corinthians 9). 

For these reasons, Church of the Redeemer now accepts giving via credit or debit card on-line. You can also set up a recurring gift if you'd like. Entirely up to you. Simply go to https://portal.icheckgateway.com/ChurchOfTheRedeemer 
We have made every effort to find a secure and responsible way of receiving your giving. 

Giving financially and sacrificially to your church is an act of worship. We hope that this system helps facilitate that aspect of discipleship in your own life.

Easter Blessings,