Mary Cady Bolin, Children's Pastor


Mary Cady Bolin ("Cady" pro-nounced like "Katie") grew up on Lookout Mountain, just outside Chattanooga, and she has never found a reason to live anywhere other than her beloved Tennessee. In 2001 she moved to Nashville to attend Vanderbilt University where she received a BA in Religious Studies and Art History. She later studied at Vanderbilt Divinity School where she gained her Masters of Divinity.

In the years since college Mary Cady has worked with children in clinical, recreational, academic and church settings and has loved every minute of meeting children and their families where they are- in joy, in grief, in celebration, and in growth. Mary Cady’s passion for sharing the gospel with children has led her back to her childhood camp, Camp DeSoto, where she serves every summer as Camp Pastor to 300 girls from all over the south.

Mary Cady and her husband, Brian, have two daughters: Caroline (12) and Harper (6). They also have a delightful yellow lab named Dixie with whom Mary Cady shares a daily morning run. In addition to running, Mary Cady enjoys baking, reading, and anything that involves being outside. She has weaknesses for country music, anything monogrammed, and sweet tea.