Family Affair Ministries

Church of the Redeemer has been involved in a dynamic and mutually-supportive relationship with Family Affair Ministries (FAM) since 2006. FAM is located in East Nashville where they live, worship and serve the poor of the neighborhood. To visit FAM's website, click here.

What's happening at FAM this summer?

FAM just wrapped up their four-week summer camp for K-6 graders in their community. With a hallmark of LOVE, Summer Camp is a bit like VBS, academic summer school, music camp, rec camp, and a month with your favorite doting aunt--all wrapped up in one bundle. How did we help FAM in the work they do among the poor?
1) Donations of over $6,500 were given by individual Redeemer and St. John's members. What a help with their $2500 electric bill!
2) The PrimeTimers prepared and delivered over 60 nutritious snack bags.
3) Through the Food Pantry, many of you purchased Camp groceries.
4) A LOVE NASHVILLE ministry took FAM kids fishing. "Besides all of the fun," one FAM staff member said, "our parents saw how to have a planned family outing, in a safe place that doesn't cost money."
5) One of our members offered free massages to the staff.
6) In addition to our weekly food and clothes ministries, our members have donated a washer and dryer & a television this month.
7) The gift that keeps giving---the Redeemer renovated playground. "Oh, they love it!" one teacher offered.
What's next? Two weeks of Teen Camp in July. Please keep FAM in your prayers. Thanks, everyone. Barbara Weigle,