Disaster Relief

In May of 2010, Church of the Redeemer, along with the people of Nashville, experienced a natural disaster. A tremendous flood engulfed neighborhoods all across our area. Over 20 families in our congregation were directly affected, 9 of our families lost all, or most of, their homes. 

The congregation rallied together in remarkable ways. We worked hard together to salvage one another's homes and possessions. We raised a significant amount of money, from within our church and across the country, to help the most affected. We not only aided members of our church, but we also reached out to friends and neighbors in need. Two days of rain gave us months of work to do, but we did it together. 

This experience solidified in us a compassion for others suffering from disaster, both natural and man-made. We have raised a great deal of money over the past few years to benefit those around the world who have been driven from their homes by earthquake, flood, and war. We have substantially contributed to Anglican Relief and Development, World Vision, Samaritans Purse, and other agencies. We have also sent members of our congregation to help victims of disaster in places like Alabama, Oklahoma, and New Jersey. 

If you would like to support Redeemer's Disaster Relief efforts, you can contribute here.