Church Planting

In the earliest days of our congregation, we made an important decision. We felt led by the Lord not to become a large church. Rather, we are committed to planting new Anglican congregations in our area. We are also supportive of church planting in other parts of our nation, and our world. 

The Anglican Church is called to reach the 130 million non-churched people in this country with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that one of the best ways to do that is to plant new, Christ-centered, Anglican churches. 
In 2010, Redeemer partnered in planting St. John's Anglican Church in Franklin, Tennessee. You can visit St. John's website here.

In 2014, Redeemer planted St. Mary of Bethany Parish in south Nashville. You can visit St. Mary's website here.

Redeemer has given support to Fayetteville Anglican Fellowship in Arkansas; Three Streams Anglican Church in San Antonio, Texas; and Illuminate Anglican Parish in Franklin.  

Our congregation's financial giving to the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh helps the diocese in efforts to both strengthen smaller, existing congregations as well as plant new ones.

Redeemer supports an informational website about all the Anglican churches in Tennessee.  To visit that website, go to