This statement was crafted by the Church in the fourth century, and serves as the central statement of Christian theology.  It reveals the essential elements of our faith; and, we confess it together almost every Sunday as part of our worship. Anyone, regardless of faith or lack-of-faith, is always welcome to attend our services. Confession of the Nicene Creed is required in order to be a member of our church.

The Catechism of the Anglican Church teaches the basics of the Christian faith. Essentials of theology, morality, prayer, and worship are briefly and simply stated. Confession of the Catechism is required of all those who would be Confirmed in the Anglican Church. 

The Anglican Church is a product of the Protestant Reformation. Church of the Redeemer is a part of this global family of faith. The Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion are authoritative in the Anglican Church in North America. Confession of the Articles is necessary for all those ordained in our church.